About us

Smart Tehran is a program to transform Tehran into a more sustainable & livable smart city for all citizens, businesses, start-ups, public and private sectors. Tehran Municipality’s Information & Communications Technology Organization (TMICTO) launched Smart Tehran Center in order to improve public knowledge about “smartness” as a whole and smart city services in particular and also, to localize and facilitate implementing smart city projects.

Also, Smart Tehran Center (STC) is the main responsible body for planning and defining the projects and to monitor the progress and integration of the projects under Smart Tehran Program (STP). It is also functioning as the main regulator for Smart Tehran based on the fifth generation ICT regulation (G5).

Meanwhile, Smart Tehran Strategic Council (STSC) is main smart city policymaking. Mayor of Tehran is the chairman of the Council and CEO of Tehran Municipality ICT Organization (TMICTO) is the secretary of the council, respectively.

In Our vision, Smart Tehran is a livable and sustainable city for everyone with engaged collaborative citizens and a city with higher quality of life, more efficient transportation systems and integrated infrastructure with an effective urban management and dynamic economy.

Smart Tehran Vision